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How do I start using the online accounting software?
We have an online registration process. You need to register yourself with valid email id.

Do I need any extra hardware or software installation?
Our Accounting Software is 100% online. Hence, you need no installation or any extra hardware.

Can I change my plan at any point?
Yes, you can surely increase time period of usage at any time.

Software Trial and Subscription

Is it complete software for the during of trial period?
Yes. During the trial period, the complete software is available for you to experiment and use it.

What happens to the data at the end of the trial period?
During or at the end of trial period, If you decide to buy the package, you can continue with the same company data. Or, you can also create a new company and start as afresh.


Can I use on all the browsers?
Yes, you can use on the most the latest browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Can I open reports in different tabs?
Yes you can open reports in different tabs within the same browser.

Can I open the same company in multiple browsers?
Yes, you can open the same in multiple browsers at the same time. But the first user can create transaction etc. and the next users can view the online reports. This is needed to have better control.

Why would I open my company in multiple browsers?
You would open the company in multiple browsers to analyze/view data of your company.

Why would I open my company in multiple tabs in the same browsers?
You would open the company in multiple tabs of the browsers to analyze/view data of your company.

How do I Print a Report?
You can take Print from your emails or If you are logged in to the software, you can use print command available at the bottom of report. We would suggest you to use Browser Chrome, where you can use various printing options.
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